About Us:

Many people who want to perform any transaction on their property in India face major difficulties such as language barrier, unable to evaluate local market conditions, poor access to legal information, and limited access to details of the deals. All this requires lot of time, effort, and research before the deal is done.

The services of a reliable and trusted property manager will be very beneficial. Pune Property Manager lends a friendly hand to solve all your real estate needs and ensure you get the best deal available. We have more than 20 years of experience in real estate field in Pune. For people like you, who are not living in Pune, but own properties in "Amche Pune", help is just a click away.

How are we different than thousands of property managers out there?

We are a company that satisfies your needs and requirements; we can help you achieve your goals in exchange for an affordable price package. We have local expertise, a strong network base in Pune, and perform most of transactions and communications with you online

In order to establish trust before doing business with us, we can provide you genuine references. You can contact them and get real and honest feedback. If you are happy with our reference, only then you can do business with us.

We have offices in US and India. Contact us for more details ...