Our services:

Rent property:

We arrange to let out your property for regular rental income, with the trust bound by legal agreement with the tenant.

We coordinate with you and prospective tenant to ensure a legally binding agreement is registered at the Collector's office in Pune.

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Buy property:

Real Estate is one of the best long term investments. You can either purchase a commercial property like shop, a commercial plot near highway or you might look for residential property like an apartment, flat, bungalow, or a small house. PunePropertyManager.com can give you a helping hand, not matter what you choose.

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Sell property:

Upon receiving your request for selling property, we will send an efficient and qualified Relationship Ambassador who will discuss your property with qualified vendors. Our team ambassador will visit the property for sale and help you get proposals from people interested in buying your property.

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One Time Service:

Some time you may need to perform one time task related to your property like paying property tax, repairs and renovation, painting, title search or simply perform property inspection.

We provide such one time service at a minimal fee. The fee charged is based on the type of work to be done.
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Interior Design Service:

Our style technique is influenced by the geographical location of the property, direction the building faces, and function or intended use by its occupants. Our aim is to configure space for improved function, safety, comfort, according to brief demands; we carefully consider budget control with an assessment and consideration to improve function and safety of its inhabitants.

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House Cleaning Service:

We individualize cleaning services to you and your home. Our cleaning services are thorough, consistent and customized. If you want a special service, just let us know. We'll take care of it.

The price to clean your home is based on many factors. The size of your home and the frequency for cleaning are some of them.
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Plot Monitor:

We frequently hear horror stories of plots been grabbed illegally by setting up huts or encroachments when owners are away for an extended period of time.

This is where we come in - to deal with this problem - in a transparent way to take care of your property with vigilance and regular inspection and reporting, at a nominal amount.
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Parent Care Service:

We offer the opportunity to assist your elderly parents or busy family members to take care of your property through "Parental Care" Service.

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