Plot Monitor:

We frequently hear horror stories of plots been grabbed illegally by setting up huts or encroachments when owners are away or settled abroad for an extended period of time. It is not worth the risk of owning a plot without regular monitoring.

This is where we come in - to deal with this problem - in a transparent, genuine and safe way to take care of your property with vigilance and regular inspection and reporting, at a nominal amount.

We perform detail inspection once a month and keep you up to date with current status of your plot with a detailed inspection report.

Plot Monitoring Service includes:

  • Regular Monitoring of plot to ensure that the plot is free from encroachment.
  • Provide monthly inspection report which includes status on cleanliness of the plot, warn if we see or anticipate any attempts to encroachments .
  • Provide digital pictures and monthly inspection reports of the plot.
  • Show property to the plots to your relatives who want to know the exact location of the plot.

A notice board can be optionally displayed to warn trespassers at extra cost.

We can do fence work to your plot at extra cost.

Please note, we will start work only after receiving copy of document showing your ownership of the property and initial payment of non-refundable advance fee is made

Additional fee will be charged for extra visits or work done that is not part of Plot Monitoring service

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